Ivy Spring's Dark Horse



Mex CH Brooks Lonesome Dove
CH Pucketts Andre at Dickendall CH Dickendall Arnold CH Dickendall Ruffy SH
Dickendall A-HA
Pucketts Bunnie of Rosehill Follytower Man O'War
Dickendall H of Criner Hills
CH Brooks Demoiselle D'Alpenglo CH Simerdown's Heathrow Campbellcroft's Even Steven JH
CH Blackthorn Simerdown Tazzee
CH Alpenglo's Mademoiselle CH Sadona's Buddy Boy
Alpenglo's Camelot O'Brooks
Ma & Pa's Tag You Are It
CH Borador's Mr. Wizard CH Lenches Gallivant Eng CH Sandylands Gadabout
Lenches Tip Top
Boradors Grand Sassy of Nemo CH Boradors Saskatoon
Boradors Jessica Of Nemo
Ma & Pa's Kimberly Beulahlands Black Tuxedo White Wings Formal Attire
Penara's Silent Nite Letty
Beulahlands Scuttlebugs Express NZ INTL Croftsway Old Man River
Coldwater Calls The Kettle Black



Mona pictured at 6 months